Employment Law

Help with the Many Challenges Arising in Your Workplace

Employment Law

Our employment law practice is run by Amanda Munting-Kilworth.   We understand your place of work and the relationships you have with your employer, employees or colleagues are among the most significant in your life.

We pride ourselves on assessing your legal issues efficiently, providing you with pragmatic solutions and support. You will receive advice that is responsive to your individual needs. You will know your options and your risks.

We can front your employment issue for you or shadow the process ensuring you are supported at each step, and meeting your legal obligations as employer or employee.

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Issues that May Arise in Employment law

Our Fees

Our fees are charged on an hourly basis and take into account the urgency and complexity of the advice needed. Our terms of engagement have further information about our fees and are available to you if request. These are provided to all clients in advance of significant work being completed. Fees are discussed with you in advance of, or during, our first consultation.